11 May 2011


Mark your calendars for THURSDAY MAY 26th for a very special edition of PechaKucha Night. This event is part of Global PechaKucha efforts to raise funds for recovery work in Japan. We are actively looking for presenters for the event. If you feel like you can "Inspire Japan" contact us at:
pechakucha [dot] nola [at] gmail
[dot] com

Read more about the Inspire Japan theme from PechaKucha founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham after the jump.

On the March 11, Japan suffered what has been described as a 1000 year event. The earthquake and tsunami destroyed 400km of coastline, killing over 10,000 people, leaving 400,000 people homeless, and has triggered a nuclear situation that is still unfolding.

Japan has inspired designers for many generations, it is the reason we traveled to this country 20 years ago, and have since made it our home. Japan is where the "PechaKucha 20 images x 20 seconds" show-and-tell event format was born, and it has gone on to inspire designers to get together in 400 cities around the world, to share their creativity at more than 1000 events each year.

Japan has inspired us all, now is it our turn to "Inspire Japan."

Please join us and be a part of Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan. Let's all come together and show Japan that the creative world is thinking of them, that all is not lost, and that it is possible to stand up and rebuild, even in villages and towns which have been completely destroyed. With creativity and passion, anything is possible.

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